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About David Fox & Associates

David Fox & Associates of Lincoln, California, was founded by Dave Fox, a retired manager of the CHP's MAIT program. Dave's extensive background is what makes him so uniquely qualified to be in charge of our organization. With a career that includes more than 27 years in law enforcement in addition to his 22 years working for MAIT, Dave leads a team of expert analysts and investigators with decades of experience in managing high-profile collision events.

A Career in Excellence

Dave started out his time at MAIT as a full-time officer in the Golden Gate Division Office of the CHP, moving on to be a full-time MAIT supervisor and instructor at the headquarters level. In time, he was promoted to Program Lieutenant with statewide oversight of the MAIT program. His headquarters unit was charged with providing the final level of review for high-profile traffic collision investigations, ensuring accuracy in their findings.

Revolutionizing Accident Reconstruction

During his career, Dave worked closely with Leica Geosystems™, transposing their 3D-laser scanning technology to work in a forensic environment. With the implementation of this technology, the CHP was able to capture high profile collision events in true high definition. Utilizing this technology, the department could scan crash scenes and import the data into a reconstruction program, using the information gleaned to ensure proper conclusions of which primary and associated collision factors were at play during a collision event.

Continued Instruction of CHP Professionals

Dave was selected to instruct at every level of the California Highway Patrol's Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Program, bringing his years of experience to the table and imparting his critical knowledge to the men and women working there. He was also selected to teach at the CHP's Commercial Enforcement Training Program, instructing department professionals about the important skills for performing on-highway commercial vehicle inspections.